The Three Sisters

Chapter 4

Exploring the valley, the troupe decided to split up and cover more ground. Lucy and Pierre followed Salvatore through the winding forest paths, discovering the ruined keep of a forgotten outpost. There were signs that the outpost might still be occupied, and the three heard a low chant on the wind. Exploring the keep, they discovered a chapel where a group of robed figures stood in worship to a “Mater Magda”. Lured within the Chapel, the robed strangers revealed their sickened flesh and infected Pierre with their affliction. After a quick battle, the three were forced to hide within the cellar of the Chapel and bar the door.

Within the cellar, they met the living death of a putrescent chronicler. He related his history and the story of the Sister of Flesh for the players before they took to a secret entrance to the tower above them. Leaving the Chronicler behind, the three companions took to the steps and rested for the evening so that they might regain their strength.



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