The Three Sisters

Chapter Eight

Returning to his estate, Salvatore Assaro found his younger sister sick with a “Yellow Fever” after having been attacked by a rat. Treated by the local doctor, the girls’ fever is widespread throughout Egypt and northern Africa, and is easily treated with an herbal remedy from the same region. The players were tasked with heading in to town to see if they could purchase any of the needed supplies for the remedy. There they discovered the doctors’ wife had been killed by a swarm of rats. Returning to the estate, they discovered the doctor’s true nature as the swarm burst from his body and attacked the players. Unable to cope with the horror, two members of the party lost consciousness and nearly died of heart failure.

The Priest, taking advantage of the Family’s extensive occult library, was able to track references to the King In Yellow to a play reviewed some years back in Egypt. They also used the reference library to learn about the “Rat Things”, their weakness, and their strengths.  Nightmares continue to plague the group as they recover from their ordeals and injuries.



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