The Three Sisters

Chapter One

After escaping the Corsair pirates, an escaped slave managed to swim ashore near the British Islands. Staggering away before the Corsairs could row ashore, the French slave nearly collided with a young woman, Lucy Cottleton. fleeing the nearest village after having been caught cheating the locals in a game of dice. They were both able to find shelter in the wagon of a third traveler, a wandering minister.

The three wanderers travelled from England and made their way East, before coming across the body of a slain templar outside a small village. Torn apart, the knight had been the fifth victim of a fearsome beast that had long held the village in the grip of fear. A gypsy woman joined the three adventurers and took it upon themselves to track the beast. The discovery of the creatures identity merely made things far worse when the Minister found himself afflicted with the same curse of lycanthropy.



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