The Three Sisters

Chapter Seven

The wanderers finally made it out of the mountains, heading Southwest toward Italy and the lands held by Salvatore’s family. Haunted by nightmares in the wake of their harrowing experiences, the promise of a warm bed and food lured the group to a Hospice and its attending monk. Poisoned and taken prisoner, the players awoke and attempted to escape from their bonds. Coming across their Witch-hunter adversary, the old zealot joined forces with his enemies and together they explored the tower and discovered the Monks transgressions against his patients. Finding their exit blocked by Knights, they continued to explore the sub-levels and eventually confronted the transformed Monk. In his defeat, they learned of his devotion to an Evil Demon that wrapped itself in the skin of a sacrifice and escaped before they had a chance to interrupt.

The Demon, a being which calls itself a Yellow King, was once once summoned by the Three Sisters and now seeks to regain the remaining two thirds of his power from the still-living Sisters. The Witch-hunter, true to his word, has gone his separate way from the Wanderers with a promise that their next meeting will be their last. The Wanderers continue on their way to the estate of Salvatore’s family in the country of Italy.



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