The Three Sisters

Chapter Three

After several days journey, the players found themselves on the edge of the Black Forest within the shelter of a small inn run by Henry Stein. They awoke to the morning meal of porridge and accusations of witch-craft by the Witch-Finder, Augustus Villanova! Surrounded by Villanova’s zealot followers and villagers stirred to suspicion by wild rumors the troupe fought the cold swordsman to a stand still before fleeing the staggering numbers through a secret tunnel in the basement. Following the tunnel outside town, the Minister was able to learn that Stein had been acting as a smuggler for the past several months and was making off with his ill-gotten gains. They managed to find the name of another smuggler living along the Black Water Lake, and made their way through the forest to meet him.

Barely managing to make it to the lake before their hunter, the group sailed across to the other side where they set up camp in and around an abandoned shed. However, the smuggler had actually led them to a trap as his brothers attacked. Turned into ghouls by Magda the Witch, the brother swore to the would-be heroes that they would also become “Pets for the Sister of Flesh!” After dispatching the ghouls, they left the smuggler to the “justice” of Augustus and his Witch-Finders.



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