The Three Sisters

Chapter Two

Tracking the source of the lycanthropic curse, the adventurers managed to find the Gypsy caravan where the Witch had last been seen. The Night of the Full Moon prevented the Minister from accompanying his two friends, but the duo was able to find help from a soldier passing through. Together, the three were able to determine that the Gypsy woman had run afoul of her own brethren and left the camp some short weeks earlier.

They attended a concert performance that night, featuring the Baron’s Choir. Unfortunately, the Baron had long since suffered a bout of madness that had driven him to capture and torture screams from his singers within the confines of the Iron Maiden. Driven to madness and great strength, the Baron battled the troupe and found his power broken when the Iron Maidens were opened one at a time by Robbie. Amongst the captives, the players found the Witches “son” who had been left as a gift for the Baron and as punishment for straying from the family.



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