The Three Sisters

Segue Update

Last trapped beneath the Chapel of the Plague Village, the Wanderers found themselves in a dungeon with The Book of Flesh and its tormented author. Having long ago forgotten his name, the Author wants only to be released from his curse and explained the history of the Three Sisters and their power in the World. Finding a tunnel to the outside, the Wanderers crawled beyond the walls of the village but lost one of their own when the tunnel collapsed. It is unknown whether the former slave managed to escape with his life, but the other two were able to make their way to safety and rejoin their cursed friend in the Black Forest. The dark clouds on the horizon threaten to carry a storm, and the frozen chill on the wind promises sleet or worse. Following the small brook through the treacherous mountains, the Wanderers can see the possibility of civilization as smoke plumes rise above the tree line in the near distance.



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