The Three Sisters

Chapter Eight

Returning to his estate, Salvatore Assaro found his younger sister sick with a “Yellow Fever” after having been attacked by a rat. Treated by the local doctor, the girls’ fever is widespread throughout Egypt and northern Africa, and is easily treated with an herbal remedy from the same region. The players were tasked with heading in to town to see if they could purchase any of the needed supplies for the remedy. There they discovered the doctors’ wife had been killed by a swarm of rats. Returning to the estate, they discovered the doctor’s true nature as the swarm burst from his body and attacked the players. Unable to cope with the horror, two members of the party lost consciousness and nearly died of heart failure.

The Priest, taking advantage of the Family’s extensive occult library, was able to track references to the King In Yellow to a play reviewed some years back in Egypt. They also used the reference library to learn about the “Rat Things”, their weakness, and their strengths.  Nightmares continue to plague the group as they recover from their ordeals and injuries.
my close death
dont go in to the light

this last game my cheacter almost die he falled the guts roll and mark rolled a 19 on fear witha +2 modofire it was funny

Chapter Seven

The wanderers finally made it out of the mountains, heading Southwest toward Italy and the lands held by Salvatore’s family. Haunted by nightmares in the wake of their harrowing experiences, the promise of a warm bed and food lured the group to a Hospice and its attending monk. Poisoned and taken prisoner, the players awoke and attempted to escape from their bonds. Coming across their Witch-hunter adversary, the old zealot joined forces with his enemies and together they explored the tower and discovered the Monks transgressions against his patients. Finding their exit blocked by Knights, they continued to explore the sub-levels and eventually confronted the transformed Monk. In his defeat, they learned of his devotion to an Evil Demon that wrapped itself in the skin of a sacrifice and escaped before they had a chance to interrupt.

The Demon, a being which calls itself a Yellow King, was once once summoned by the Three Sisters and now seeks to regain the remaining two thirds of his power from the still-living Sisters. The Witch-hunter, true to his word, has gone his separate way from the Wanderers with a promise that their next meeting will be their last. The Wanderers continue on their way to the estate of Salvatore’s family in the country of Italy.

Chapter Six

In what is quickly becoming a regular occurrence, the Wanderers were joined in their quest by another mercenary lost in the wilderness. Cold and hungry, the sell-sword had become separated from his troop after coming upon the Plague Village near the valley. The party set their plans to leave the village and set forth to confront the Sister of Flesh in her home on the Overlook. Once again, the Plague-ridden servants of the witch attempted to waylay the heroes but they were quickly overcome. Once at the home of the witch, the Wanderers were able to interrupt a ritual and slay the witch. Her death cut short the ritual, the effects of which are unknown. The lycanthropic curse, however, has been lifted from Reverend Justin.

Chapter Five

Coming upon a riverside village, the troupe explored the home of the village Baron and discovered several horrible surprises lying in wait. After vanquishing the Black Cat whose nightmarish manipulations led the townspeople to acts of banditry, the characters discovered that the Crone had left her pet behind to act as a spy and report the presence of strangers.

Segue Update

Last trapped beneath the Chapel of the Plague Village, the Wanderers found themselves in a dungeon with The Book of Flesh and its tormented author. Having long ago forgotten his name, the Author wants only to be released from his curse and explained the history of the Three Sisters and their power in the World. Finding a tunnel to the outside, the Wanderers crawled beyond the walls of the village but lost one of their own when the tunnel collapsed. It is unknown whether the former slave managed to escape with his life, but the other two were able to make their way to safety and rejoin their cursed friend in the Black Forest. The dark clouds on the horizon threaten to carry a storm, and the frozen chill on the wind promises sleet or worse. Following the small brook through the treacherous mountains, the Wanderers can see the possibility of civilization as smoke plumes rise above the tree line in the near distance.

Chapter 4

Exploring the valley, the troupe decided to split up and cover more ground. Lucy and Pierre followed Salvatore through the winding forest paths, discovering the ruined keep of a forgotten outpost. There were signs that the outpost might still be occupied, and the three heard a low chant on the wind. Exploring the keep, they discovered a chapel where a group of robed figures stood in worship to a “Mater Magda”. Lured within the Chapel, the robed strangers revealed their sickened flesh and infected Pierre with their affliction. After a quick battle, the three were forced to hide within the cellar of the Chapel and bar the door.

Within the cellar, they met the living death of a putrescent chronicler. He related his history and the story of the Sister of Flesh for the players before they took to a secret entrance to the tower above them. Leaving the Chronicler behind, the three companions took to the steps and rested for the evening so that they might regain their strength.

Chapter Three

After several days journey, the players found themselves on the edge of the Black Forest within the shelter of a small inn run by Henry Stein. They awoke to the morning meal of porridge and accusations of witch-craft by the Witch-Finder, Augustus Villanova! Surrounded by Villanova’s zealot followers and villagers stirred to suspicion by wild rumors the troupe fought the cold swordsman to a stand still before fleeing the staggering numbers through a secret tunnel in the basement. Following the tunnel outside town, the Minister was able to learn that Stein had been acting as a smuggler for the past several months and was making off with his ill-gotten gains. They managed to find the name of another smuggler living along the Black Water Lake, and made their way through the forest to meet him.

Barely managing to make it to the lake before their hunter, the group sailed across to the other side where they set up camp in and around an abandoned shed. However, the smuggler had actually led them to a trap as his brothers attacked. Turned into ghouls by Magda the Witch, the brother swore to the would-be heroes that they would also become “Pets for the Sister of Flesh!” After dispatching the ghouls, they left the smuggler to the “justice” of Augustus and his Witch-Finders.

Chapter Two

Tracking the source of the lycanthropic curse, the adventurers managed to find the Gypsy caravan where the Witch had last been seen. The Night of the Full Moon prevented the Minister from accompanying his two friends, but the duo was able to find help from a soldier passing through. Together, the three were able to determine that the Gypsy woman had run afoul of her own brethren and left the camp some short weeks earlier.

They attended a concert performance that night, featuring the Baron’s Choir. Unfortunately, the Baron had long since suffered a bout of madness that had driven him to capture and torture screams from his singers within the confines of the Iron Maiden. Driven to madness and great strength, the Baron battled the troupe and found his power broken when the Iron Maidens were opened one at a time by Robbie. Amongst the captives, the players found the Witches “son” who had been left as a gift for the Baron and as punishment for straying from the family.

Chapter One

After escaping the Corsair pirates, an escaped slave managed to swim ashore near the British Islands. Staggering away before the Corsairs could row ashore, the French slave nearly collided with a young woman, Lucy Cottleton. fleeing the nearest village after having been caught cheating the locals in a game of dice. They were both able to find shelter in the wagon of a third traveler, a wandering minister.

The three wanderers travelled from England and made their way East, before coming across the body of a slain templar outside a small village. Torn apart, the knight had been the fifth victim of a fearsome beast that had long held the village in the grip of fear. A gypsy woman joined the three adventurers and took it upon themselves to track the beast. The discovery of the creatures identity merely made things far worse when the Minister found himself afflicted with the same curse of lycanthropy.


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